A New Approach to Adoption Law

Since I’m quite friendly and have a law degree, I knew I could excel in all manner of sales jobs – from real estate to mutual funds. Even so, I wasn’t ready to walk away from what I had always considered my life’s calling, so I did nothing. I knew I couldn’t continue practicing adoption law in the “business as usual” manner of the past 15 years, but wasn’t sure how to bring change. When people asked, I told them that I was “on a sabbatical” or “working on a book project” or “focusing on raising my kids.” While my responses weren’t actual lies, they weren’t the real reasons behind my career slowing down. “I’m having a crisis of calling” would have been more honest, but it is a bit heavy for the average, casual chat.

While on sabbatical, I began studying the problems with the domestic adoption industry. My study involved a great deal of reading about adoption from the perspective of birthparents and adoptees and listening as they relayed their experiences — both before placement and years afterward. I read close to 100 adoption blogs from start to finish. I listened to numerous podcasts by adoptees, birth parents, adoption facilitators, counselors, consultants, social workers and other adoption attorneys. I met with dozens of adoption professionals to ask them how we, as the greater adoption community, could do better. What emerged was TruAdopt, a new approach to the practice of adoption law.

The Birth of TruAdopt – Part 3