The Necessity of Adoption Law

TruAdopt is a law firm that represents only expectant parents (mostly birthmothers) who want to make an adoption plan for their unborn baby. We use our vast network of social workers, adoption agencies, therapists and other attorneys to help our clients find the right adoptive family and establish the support system they need throughout their pregnancy and beyond. We educate our clients about adoption; including post-adoption contact, long before they’re asked to sign legally binding adoption consents.

Do you need an Adoption Attorney?

People sometimes think of adoption law as “happy law.” In fact, when I tell people what I do, I’m usually met with an “aw, that must be so awesome.” While there are definitely some heartwarming moments along the way, in reality, it’s a complicated area of the law. If handled inexpertly, devastating consequences may ensue.

Adoption practitioners must be knowledgeable regarding termination of parental rights, state laws (which often conflict in interstate adoptions), penal codes which carry potential criminal liability if violated, contracts regarding post-adoption contact as well as various federal laws, including the very complicated Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Working with a qualified adoption attorney who understands adoption law offers the birthmother the peace of mind she needs to focus on her pregnancy, her relationship with the adoptive parents, and her future.

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