Answering the Most Common Questions About Adoption

Over the past decade, society’s view of open adoption has significantly changed. As recently as twenty years ago, it was unusual for a birthmother to have any sort of ongoing relationship with her child’s adoptive family. As a result of significant research, our understanding of how this impacts all members of the adoption triad has increased since then. Through collective conversations between adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents, we now know that in many (but not all) adoptions, it’s beneficial to maintain some sort of contact throughout the child’s life. Of course, the specifics of that contact will vary from family to family. Some birthmothers view their relationship with the adoptive family as extended family and see them on a regular basis. Some birthmothers are happy to receive photos and periodic updates about their child’s interests and milestones. Others desire no contact at all.


the specifics of that contact will vary from family to family


To figure out what degree of ongoing contact is right for you, speak with an adoption professional. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, we recommend that a “Post-Adoption Contact Agreement” (sometimes referred to as a “PACA”) be drafted. This document would contain the specific terms governing contact and would be drafted by a legal professional, reviewed with your attorney and signed by both the Adoptive Parents and the Birth Mother. Some states regard these agreements as legally enforceable, but many do not.


To learn more, read the full Expectant Mother’s Guide to Adoption or download it here.


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