The TruAdopt Adoption Triad Explained

Inform + Educate: Our goal is to make sure that everyone involved is given all the information needed throughout the adoption process. Our attorneys have two decades in this field and can provide helpful insight to both expectant and adoptive parents. Of course, TruAdopt is solely focused on expectant parent representation, so we want to make sure that they are given all the tools needed to make fully informed decisions.

Clear Expectations: What sort of ongoing contact is the best? Will the adoptive parents be there when I deliver? These are the types of questions for which you need answers. As an expectant parent, your concerns, no matter how seemingly trivial, are important and need to be answered. We are here to answer your tough questions.

Support for Everyone: All members of the adoption triad are supported in meaningful and practical ways. Our goal is “You-centered guidance.” We offer expectant parents not only legal support, but very practical resources like referrals to options counseling and medical care, plus help meeting practical needs like housing and transportation.

Separate Legal Representation: Allowing an expectant parent to go through an adoption without their own attorney creates an inherent power imbalance with potential conflicts of interest. Expectant parents should be given separate legal representation, at no cost to them. Read more about separate legal representation here.

Children are the first priority: The child’s well-being is considered above all else. We offer options counseling to help expectant parents decide what is best for their child, and if adoption is chosen, we remind all of the parties to keep the child’s best interests as their number one priority.

Constant and Civil Communication: Our goal is respectful, honest and thorough communication… even when it’s difficult.

Provide a Different Element to Adoption Law: All of these things combined create “the TruAdopt difference.” We want expectant parents to feel loved, respected, and protected all at once. We are dedicated to respectful and compassionate legal representation for everyone involved in the adoption triad.


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