It’s been a week since the Lifetime Healing Training and Birth Mother Support Group. Ashley Mitchell of Lifetime Healing & Big Tough Girl delivered an amazing session on how we can better support a woman after she has placed a child for adoption. The reality is, there’s grief involved in the healing process. As adoption professionals, we need to be aware of that reality so we can better support Birth Mothers. As a community, we need to do everything we can to listen and be there for women who are hurting. Post-placement care is a great need in the adoption industry, and we are hopeful that more and more organizations will help Birth Mothers get the resources they need to heal after placement.

Adoption professionals from Family Connections Christian AdoptionsHeartsent Adoptions – PasadenaClaris Health, and AdoptMatch joined us for a full day of training. We were so encouraged by the insights of each individual, and we hope the adoption community will continue to work toward making post-placement care for Birth Mothers a reality!

Thank you FCCA for allowing us to partner to bring Lifetime Healing to Southern California and for leading the charge to make post-placement care for birth mothers reality in each and every adoptive placement.

 “The pain doesn’t stop because we are more educated, but the healing can become more effective.” – Lifetime Healing, LLC


Here are some photos from the event:

Thank you to FCCA, Heartsent Adoptions, Claris Health, and AdoptMatch for your dedication to ethical and compassionate adoptions!

Here’s Ashley Mitchell, Birth Mother and founder of Big Tough Girl & Lifetime Healing LLC talking about the vital need for post-placement care for Birth Mothers. What an amazing way to spend World Adoption Day.


So inspired by the wealth of knowledge and experience from this group. Your insights helped us better understand how we can support women post-placement.



Left to right: Katie (Caseworker), Emily (Marketing Director), and Megan (Caseworker)


Emily, Ashley, and Celeste (TruAdopt Founder & Adoption Attorney)


FCCA and Claris Health




Wayne (FCCA) and Celeste


THANK YOU, Ashley Mitchell for spending the day with us, talking about the vital need for post-placement care for Birth Mothers!



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