Your Questions Answered Series, Part 2

Helping you find the right adoptive family for your baby is one of the things we do best. First, we listen carefully when you tell us what you want in an adoptive family. Instead of handing you a stack of profiles from families who have paid us to match them with an expectant parent, as most agencies and attorneys do, we work to find the family best ­suited to you and your child, whether that family is down the street, across the country, or anywhere in between. We have an extensive network of relationships with trusted adoption professionals throughout the country who we call upon to help in our search. We then present you with pre­screened families we’ve gathered based on the things most important to you. AdoptMatch is a mobile app that can also help in your search. The app connects Expectant Parents pursuing an adoption plan with Adoptive Parents committed to creating child-centered and ethical adoptions.


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