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TruAdopt Law is a nonprofit law firm that exclusively represents Expectant Parents pursuing an adoption plan. After many years of practicing adoption law, we have identified nine key areas of support that we make available to an Expectant Parent:

Options Counseling
TruAdopt ensures that a woman facing an unintended pregnancy is provided the opportunity for unbiased Options Counseling with a pregnancy clinic or therapist in her area.

When a woman discovers her unintended pregnancy, she is faced with three main options: parenting, adoption or abortion. To avoid the conflict inherently present when an Expectant Parent is counseled by someone who holds a financial stake in the outcome(such as an adoption agency, law practice, facilitator or abortion clinic), Options Counseling should be conducted by a neutral third party provider, such as a licensed therapist or lay counselor.

Separate Legal Representation
TruAdopt’s attorneys only represent Expectant Parents. Our firm collaborates with other adoption professionals and their clients who understand the ethical importance of separate legal representation.

An Expectant Parent who chooses adoption needs to be advised on important legal issues including the consent process, post-adoption contact agreements, Birth Father’s legal rights, financial support during and after pregnancy, and avoidance of intervention by the State Social Services Agency. Unfortunately, only 17 States require separate legal representation for Expectant Parents.

Tru Matching
TruAdopt works with an Expectant Parent to identify the characteristics she desires in an adoptive family and then assists her in finding potential families who meet her criteria. Throughout the matching process, we strive to ensure that prospective adoptive families are fully informed regarding an Expectant Parent’s circumstances and needs, and are prepared for the challenges that may arise.

In order to create an adoptive placement that best serves the child, we believe the matching process should be based on more than just a few basic factors. An Expectant Mother’s desire for Adoptive Parents who are married, possess college degrees and who are financially stable is a good starting point when it comes to finding a suitable match, but it’s only a start. We’ve developed an in-depth process which helps an Expectant Parent first determine what is truly important to her when it comes to an Adoptive Family, and then gives her the opportunity to choose from homestudy-approved adoptive couples across the country who fit her desired profile.

The culmination of this process is the Expectant Parent’s Pre-Match Dossier, which contains comprehensive information about the Adoption Situation including: Expectant Parents’ social/medical history, medical records, family history, criminal records (if applicable), level of post-adoption contact desired, birth father information, detailed financial support request (if applicable), description of what she desires in an adoptive family, and a personal narrative about her reasons for choosing adoption for her unborn child.

Regardless of the life-circumstances of the Expectant Parent, we are confident that there is an excellent family match for every child.

Caseworker Support During Pregnancy
Each Expectant Parent is assigned a Caseworker who will provide assistance throughout the pregnancy and birth and help her prepare for life beyond the adoptive placement.

We understand that most Expectant Parents choosing an adoption plan are not usually enjoying ideal life circumstances. For a huge variety of reasons, many find themselves overwhelmed with managing daily life—from unpaid bills, to spotty childcare for older children, to a tumultuous relationship with the Birth Father—many Expectant Parents can use some practical life assistance. Our Caseworkers can assist the Expectant Parent with practical aspects of pregnant life such as medical insurance, OB care and transportation to and from various appointments. Caseworkers also are available to help with budgeting and living expense distribution, housing issues and other “life” stuff that comes up.

Because we understand the importance of communication with the Adoptive Parents, our Caseworkers provide weekly written reports to the Adoptive Parents, which helps all parties remain involved and fully informed throughout the process.

TruAdopt works with licensed therapists to provide an Expectant Parent with counseling from an experienced therapist throughout the pregnancy, placement, and post-placement experience.

Whenever possible, an Expectant Parent should establish a relationship with a counselor during the pregnancy and continue with counseling as needed into the future. We recommend that the Adoptive Parents budget for a minimum of ten (10) counseling sessions. Whenever possible, counseling with a licensed therapist should be in-person, though telephonic counseling may be appropriate in some cases.

Quality Medical Care
An Expectant Parent is often covered under state-subsidized medical insurance that gives her limited options regarding OB care. Often, the office schedule and patient load prevents the opportunity for thorough patient-physician communication and fails to provide adequate continuity of care.

Whenever possible, TruAdopt connects an Expectant Parent with an OB who is supportive of her adoption plan and sensitive to the unique issues that may arise throughout the course of the pregnancy, labor and delivery. This is especially important where it relates to the Expectant Parent’s relationship with the Adoptive Parents and interaction with hospital personnel. This careful selection process also extends to choosing the hospital where she will deliver her baby.

Childbirth Education and Hospital Planning
TruAdopt works with an experienced Adoption Doula who meets with the Adoptive Parents and Expectant Parent/s (in-person whenever possible) to create a thorough and practical hospital plan spanning from early labor through delivery, discharge, and the Birth Mother’s initial separation from her baby.

Often, an Expectant Mother would greatly benefit from childbirth education, but may feel uncomfortable participating in a traditional Lamaze class alongside couples who are excitedly planning for the birth of their baby. As an alternative, our Adoption Doula can provide childbirth education specifically tailored to the needs of the Expectant Mother.

Hospital Plan
The Hospital Plan is one of the most important documents in the entire adoption process. If done properly, it can significantly reduce the stress levels of everyone involved (including baby). Rather than simply having the Expectant Mother check boxes on a standard hospital plan form, the Adoption Doula facilitates an in-person collaborative meeting between the Adoptive Parents and the Expectant Mother with the goal of creating a detailed, written plan regarding the hospital stay. The Hospital Plan covers everything from transportation for the Expectant Mother to the hospital to her post-discharge in-home care.

Post-Placement Care
TruAdopt connects the Birth Mother with a network of established resources that can provide the short and long-term support she needs to navigate inevitable post-placement challenges.

TruAdopt understands that the adoption journey for the Birth Mother does not end when she leaves the hospital. Much needed support services include:

  • In-home help for first month after delivery
  • Access to Peer Counseling with another Birth Mother
  • Birth Mother Retreats
  • Birth Mother Mentoring
  • Meeting with Vocational or Educational Counselor
  • Open Adoption Relationship Mentor
  • Connection with Birth Parent support organizations such as “On Your Feet Foundation” Birth Mother Buds, and Three Strands.

When possible, we connect the Expectant Parent with these resources before delivery so they are in place and accessible soon after placement, when they are needed most.

Financial Integrity
TruAdopt strives to maintain the highest ethical standards and seeks to work only with adoption professionals who do the same.

The adoption decision and process is most often a time of great vulnerability for both Expectant Parents and Adoptive Parents. As such, they sometimes fall prey to unscrupulous organizations and individuals who use adoption as a means of unjust financial gain. Financial issues in an adoption carry great weight, both legally and ethically, and should be handled in a transparent manner. TruAdopt strives to ensure that all parties receive full disclosure regarding the specific fees and costs involved in their adoption.

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Celeste asked me what I was looking for in a family for my baby boy and didn’t stop giving me options until I knew I had found the right couple. She encouraged me to get to know the family and to spend time with my son at the hospital. I was so scared about how it was all going to work, but Celeste kept talking me through it (over and over and over again!) until I finally felt comfortable.



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