As an expectant parent, it can be incredibly overwhelming to start the adoption journey. The best thing you can do is take it one step at a time – do your research and reach out to an adoption professional for information. One of our goals is to provide expert information to help equip and educate. We have a downloadable Expectant Parents Guide to Adoption as well as a list of resources for birth mothers to help get you started.

We also have a page dedicated to Best Practices in Adoption. Today we’re sharing 5 of these best practices!


Best Practices in Adoption

1.Expectant Parents should receive thorough and independent options counseling prior to moving forward in the adoption process

2. Expectant Parents and Adoptive Parents should work collaboratively with the assistance of qualified, but separate, adoption professionals of their own choosing.

3. Expectant Parents and Adoptive Parents shouldn’t enter into an adoptive match until they have thoroughly explored one another’s expectations regarding a future relationship.

4. In choosing an adoptive family, an Expectant Mother should choose from a wide array of adoptive family profiles and should be presented with as many profiles as necessary in order for her to find a family that matches her criteria.

5. An Expectant Mother and Adoptive Parents should be given the opportunity to meet one another in person prior to the match, when at all possible.

View the complete list here.


If you haven’t found the answer to your question or if you’d like to speak with a professional please feel welcome to contact us!


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